Browder Old Town Plaza Rent

This prime property is available, viagra sale located right at the mid-town, I-40 off ramps in Needles, California.  See the attached link to find out more details or call the City of Needles, 760-326-2113.

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eileen-hartwick       A thought from Eileen H. Hartwick, owner of Big “O” and NAPA in Needles, Board Director Needles Chamber of Commerce:
“Just putting this out in the universe: The city of Needles, CA is expecting to have a number of new jobs opening up in the next years; mostly, but not all, related to medical marijuana cultivation. The folks that fill these jobs will need a place to live. We already have a fabulous school district ready and able to take on more students, with access to the best state college system around. The town has a large number of old (dating back to the 20’s) housing units that require modernization. Anyone with the skills and licenses to do this type of work, could make a tidy ROI, by flipping, or renting these older homes, once they are made more attractive. This is not my skill set, I’m just identifying a need, and hoping that someone out there would like to make a few $$$$’s and fill the need. If anyone needs more information, I’m sure the City of Needles or the Chamber of Commerce would happy to provide more.”
Thanks, Eileen. People—PASS THE WORD!!